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Woo hoo! We got t-shirts baby! These turned out better than I expected and I know you wanna dress your fraggin' self up in one of these. They have the addy on the front and the Gumby Fest mascot on the back.

Here is a chance to support the inner workings of the servers and get yourself decked in the hippest wardrobe since Vans!

They are 100% preshrunk cotton available in Large and X-Large in goth black or summer white. They'll set you back $15 bucks a piece or choose the special internet price of 2-for-$30 bones + shipping.


So you have a Gumby Fest t-shirt and you think you are styling. Well jump back home slice cuz you ain't done yet! Check out these high quality Gumby Fest 6 lids. Hand crafted by Madagascar midgets in a state of the art sweat shop, these are sure to get you chicks, even if you are a chick!

At $10 bucks a pop + shipping they won't eat into your upgrade funds. Order 2 and get the special limited time price of $20 + shipping!

Dope lids!

Key Chains

Kewl Keychains! I have quite a few of the keychains left from previous Gumby Fests. Attendees of previous partys were given this state of the art, industrial strength, all around kick butt keychain. I was a little over zealous and bought quite a few of these collector's items so I need to offload a few :)

If you are interested in owning a little piece of that which is Gumby Fest please drop me a line. For $5 dollars + shipping you too can be the envy of your clan and become the alpha geek in no time!

Mouse Pads

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more dope up in this mug we bust out the official Gumby Fest 10 commemorative mouse pads! These cloth covered, rubber backed beauties were hand crafted by Eskimos on the frozen tundra of the Alaskan interior...or something. All the logos of the past are represented along with our rocket launcher packing Gumby pal.

For a measly $5 bucks each + shipping you can cradle your pointing device in the warm, stylistic, beauty of 8 years of fraggin'! As always I am offering the super duper one chance only internet pricing special of 2-for-$10 bones + shipping!

Wicked mouse coasterss!


Mike Dowell